Why Ethereum Classic must switch mining algorithms

Ethereum Classic experienced a 51% attack in January 2019 and 3 more 51% attacks in Q3 of 2020 which accumulated multi-millions in losses from double spending and service downtime. While major exchanges were hit with double spends, Ethereum Classic was on a thread for delisting and some mining pools simply…

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative (ETC Coop) published its transparency report for the months of July and August.

The ETC Cooperative is committed to maintaining consistent transparency with the ETC community and public at large. We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative’s Board Package for July and August. So much has taken place at the Co-op in the last couple of months. Check them out below.


The ETC Cooperative is withdrawing its support for the ECIP-1098 Treasury proposal

For over a year the ETC Cooperative had focused its resources on the development and successful adoption of ECIP-1098, the ETC treasury proposal by IOHK. In light of our recent decision to discontinue support for the ETC treasury we have provided an in depth look at how exactly we came…

Bob and Charles at the ETC Summit in Seoul.

Recently, we had the delight of welcoming Charles Hoskinson to the Advisory Board of the ETC Cooperative.

Charles was a member of the initial Advisory Board for the ETC Cooperative back in early 2018 and it is a pleasure to welcome him back. Charles brings with him a very unique…

ETC Weekly 10th Edition: Mantis, ECC 2020 Review, Saturn ETC DeFi, Keccak mining, Astor testnet, SHA3 resources

This edition highlights the latest news and developments regarding protocol upgrades, the Keccak-256 update, IOHK’s Mantis projects and the upcoming Saturn DeFi platform.

Thank you for reading the 10th edition of the ETC Weekly newsletter! You may have noticed we took a short hiatus, but now we’re back! We recently had to focus our efforts to deliver the ETC Cooperative 2020 Retrospective and 2021 Roadmap.

Here we have the fifth release of “ETC Weekly!”

Thanos Hard Fork Success!!!

With the successful Thanos network upgrade now activated on block 11.7M, late Sunday, we’d like to thank all the volunteers, stakeholders, miners, service providers, individuals and teams who made this happen. …

Get ready for this week’s ETC hard fork

Dear Ethereum Classic stakeholder,

The Ethereum Classic network will be undergoing the Thanos hard-fork this week, at block 11_700_000 or around November 29, 2020.

Major ETC pools making up the majority of the hash rate have confirmed their support for Thanos as well as major block explorers and infrastructure providers. Exchanges, wallets, and other…

ETC Cooperative Q3 2020 Transparency Report

We are pleased to announce the release of the ETC Cooperative 2020 Q3 Transparency Report.

The ETC Cooperative publishes transparency reports every quarter (see Q1 and Q2) and shorter monthly board updates (see April, May, July, August) between those quarterly reports.

This is an update on what has been happening…

Thanos is soon on its way!

As we move closer and close to the highly anticipated ECIP-1099 Thanos network Ethereum Classic upgrade, we at the ETCCooperative recommend that all node operators update their current client software as soon as possible. Any node operator using OpenEthereum or Multi-Geth will lose all node functionality as these node clients…

View our just published third edition of ETC Weekly! Sign up below!

The ETC Cooperative is excited to bring you the second edition of our recently relaunched newsletter, ETC Weekly. Each week we’ll provide you with all the essential information regarding the latest news, project updates, and upcoming events! Don’t…

ETC Cooperative

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative is a non-profit organization created to accelerate the growth and adoption of the Ethereum Classic network.

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